Cantina di Cesena

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Cantina di Cesena

The Cantina di Cesena was founded in 1933 in Cesena, Emilia Romagna. We are a medium-sized cooperative which, after 80 years of activity, has about 300 members, of which 80% are small contributors.

The entire production line is monitored by us, from the vineyard to the bottle to provide the highest quality on the product.

Innovation and territory

In 1988, with a view to constant growth, the famous Tenuta Amalia brand became part of the Cantina di Cesena: an acquisition that allows us to further enhance our wines and a production perfectly suited to respect for the land and tradition.

The careful distribution and improvement of crops and technical production has led to a growing interest in new markets.

Today the Cantina di Cesena brings its wine excellences beyond the European and non-European borders.

A challenge to be faced, today as yesterday, with quality, commitment and everlasting innovation.

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