Show cooking with Daniele Reponi

show cooking daniele reponi

Show cooking with Daniele Reponi

The master of gourmet sandwiches Daniele Reponi protagonist of the second “Friday of July” Events in Cesena

From 21.30 in Piazza Paolo Giovanni Paolo II will be dedicated space on the palate with a Cooking Show led by Daniele Reponi, master of gourmet sandwiches for the television program La Prova del Cuoco, which will perform in the production of some gastronomic products. Throughout the evening, theme dinners and free tastings of typical products will be organized in the bars and streets of the historic center, while Professor Mirko Orioli will take care of the literary walk “Renato Serra and his Cesena”, leaving at 9.00 pm from Piazza Giovanni Paolo II. The itinerary, which will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes, will re-propose the journey that Serra traveled to work, from his home to the Malatesta Library, stopping at Viale Carducci, the Malatesta Library and the Porta Montanara. “

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