Tenuta Amalia wines

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Tenuta Amalia

Production of quality wines

The “Tenuta Amalia” brand was acquired by Cantine di Cesena in 1988 with a specific purpose: The production of quality wines.

Since 2010 Tenuta Amalia wines are part of the “Quality Project”, a project that includes the continuous research of the best grapes of our territory, selecting only the small plots that are found in the best hills of Cesena.

A product line

created with the dictates of tradition

The yields per hectare of the plots of our producers selected in the “Quality Project” are smaller than the regulations provided for in the DOC and DOCG regulations, a choice made to guarantee the highest quality of the grapes.

The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand, selecting the best grapes directly from the vineyard, with great care not to break the pips to maintain a high quality must.

The production process for Tenuta Amalia wines is completely different, from the transport in the cellar to the stocking of the must. For this purpose we use stainless steel tanks specifically where the pressed must is preserved and aged.

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We produce 15 wines in Tenuta Amalia, from native vines on the farms in the hills of Cesena.

Romagna DOC Sangiovese:

From the Sangiovese vine we carry out different processes, from vinification to refining with the aim of producing lines from Novello to the Reserve.

Romagna DOC Cagnina dolce:

The farms with the Terrano grapevine planted allow us to prepare Cagnina, a typical sweet Romagna red wine.

Romagna DOC Albana:

The Albana vine located on the farms on the first hills of Cesena provide us with quality grapes to prepare excellent versions of dry, sweet and raisin.

Romagna DOC Trebbiano:

The Trebbiano Romagnolo vine is processed in the cellar to obtain a fresh and savory wine with a delicate fragrance.


We also produce a Cabernet-Merlot blend and a small production of Chardonnay wines

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